Wedding Insurance
Should You Buy Wedding Insurance?
January 14, 2011 Articles
Wedding Insurance

The Wedding Theater discusses wedding insurance options.

So what will you wedding videographer, photographer, venue, DJ, caterer and every other vendor you have booked for your wedding probably all have in common? Non- refundable deposits. Most wedding vendors will have non-refundable deposits as they book their services first come first serve and have probably turned away several other possible jobs for your date since you booked with them. Also, we all know how co-operative the airlines are when you want to get a refund for all the plane tickets you booked for family and friends flying in (hint of sarcasm). Lets also not forgot the stacks of invites you were just about to mail out that now have a wrong date on them.

So what happens if the unthinkable occurs and your wedding day needs to be canceled or postponed? The only way to save yourself the thousands of dollars you have already shelled out is to buy wedding insurance. Most policies these days will cover the majority of your losses for around $300-$500.While most of these policies won’t cover a cancellation because of cold-feet, if there is some sort of accident, event, or something major happening in your life that prevents you from walking down the isle on your chosen day, wedding insurance will help ease the burden of a moved date. There are several companies out there that offer these types of policies and it is probably a good idea to call several companies and get quotes before deciding on a specific policy. A simple Google search of “wedding insurance” will bring you a wealth of information on the subject. Just like any other insurance policy other “riders” can be added to cover things not included in the general policy

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