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Nina & Matt’s Joule Hotel Wedding Trailer – Dallas, TX

Having grown up just south of Dallas, its always fun to get back in the area to film a wedding. When Nina and Matt told us they were getting married at The Joule Hotel, we were even more excited. Right in Downtown Dallas, the Joule is really an incredible place. Very contemporary, yet with a bit of the past mixed in as well. Really, a very cool combination. Nina and Matt, along with their guests, provided us with yet another amazing experience with our clients. Very down to earth people, and really fun personalities, Nina and Matt both were awesome to work with. We couldn’t be happier with how their wedding video turned out, and we hope you enjoy it as well!

Rebeca + Peter’s W Hotel Wedding Video

One of the great things about being a wedding videographer here in Austin is the diversity of the wedding venues in the area. From awesome lake view venues, to tranquil hill country settings to elegant wedding settings such as this one at the W Hotel, the Austin area has it all. Rebeca and Peter’s wedding was coordinated by our friends at Caplan Miller Events and, as always, the event was magnificent. Every single detail was pure perfection and Rebeca and Peter were an absolute pleasure to work with. In fact their whole family was just a joy to be around and everyone was so happy for the both of them. So please, sit back and enjoy Rebeca and Peter’s W Hotel Wedding Trailer!!

Lisa + Travis’ St Lucia Destination Wedding VIdeo

Destination weddings are high on the “to do” list of just about any wedding vendor. Videographers especially. When we first heard from Lisa and Travis, we were thrilled about the prospect of filming their destination wedding week in St Lucia. A quick google search of the resort and the surrounding area confirmed that the scenery would be absolutely breathtaking. When we finally arrived, we couldn’t believe it. Just from the car ride to the resort from the airport we had a feeling that this wedding video would likely be one of the best we had ever produced. Not only were the surroundings magnificent, the people there could not have been nicer and more welcoming. Lisa and Travis are incredible people and their friends and family were some of the funnest people we have ever had the pleasure of being with. It would take up all the space on our blog to go into every detail of the trip, and that’s what I think this wedding video does, it brings you into the week and into their joy. This trip was a once in a lifetime thing for them and I hope that translates to the viewer when they watch this video.

Maddy + Chris’ Austin Texas Wedding Trailer

When Dani at The Simplifiers (an AWESOME wedding planning co. here in Austin) first called us and gave us some details on Maddy & Chris’ wedding, we knew it was going to be a great one. The setting was a beautiful piece of property in the Driftwood area, and for a wedding videographer, there is little more appealing than an outdoor April wedding in the Hill Country. An awesome Hill Country setting, green grass, the color of all the flowers, and usually not too hot yet, all makes for the perfect conditions to make an incredible wedding video. I must say, we are really proud of how his one turned out. The video team as a whole, worked really well together but some other things all came together that always help us out A LOT. For one, Maddy and Chris were really into to doing whatever we needed them to, to make the video great. For the most part, we try to stay back and film things as they happen, but from time to time, we need a little cooperation, and they were totally into it. Another great thing was having the total cooperation from the planning staff. I can’t speak highly enough about The Simplifiers, and they really made our jobs a lot easier by keeping us informed of upcoming events and helping us with whatever we needed. When we don’t have to worry about the little things we can totally focus on doing what we do best, and that really goes a long way into making great wedding videos. So please sit back, and enjoy!