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Post-Wedding Follow Up with TWT

We cannot THANK YOU enough for having The Wedding Theater out to film your wedding day. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (as we always do!) and would like to follow up with you to help us make the post production of your wedding DVDs as smooth as possible.

First of all, as a reminder, our post production process usually takes anywhere from 3-6 months in total (our average is about 4) but can be slightly shorter or longer,depending on our schedule. We film a wedding just about every weekend and each one takes around 14 full days total to complete once the editing process has been started. It is a very tedious process, and takes a lot of time to create a quality product.There is a huge workload difference between editing pictures and editing HD video. Even though you may get your pictures back in 4-6 weeks, editing video is a much more time consuming process, so please have patience with us :)

Second, if you purchased the Matinee, Feature Film or Documentary Film packages please go ahead and prepare a list of about 10 songs that both of you enjoy or mean something to you including music that might have been used on your wedding day. These songs should likely be a mixture of slower more intimate songs as well as more upbeat music. If there are any “must haves” please indicate as we will not use every song. You can email us a list of songs to or even upload the songs to dropbox if you want! The earlier you get this music to us, the better. All of those songs will be on the Long Video only. For the 5 minute trailer, generally we pick that music. As a reminder, for anything that goes online, like the 5 minute trailer, we MUST use music we can license. No exceptions can be made to this rule whatsoever. We utilize websites such as and to get our licensed music. If you would like to pick the trailer music too, thats fine, but it must come from those sources or a similar source and  the license fee cannot exceed $100 per our contract.

VERY IMPORTANT – Once you have watched the demo version, if you have an edit you would like us to try and make, please let us know as soon as you have seen it. To prevent any mixups it is best to take care of those quickly and not let time pass. The last thing we ever want is for us not to be able to make an edit because we had already deleted the footage. Due to our workflow and limited hard-drive space, we need to be able to delete all the footage from your wedding very soon after the finals have been delivered. We adhere to a 7 day time-frame after you get the demo for you to get back to us with any edits you might have. Most clients only have a few, if any at all, so typically we can take care of them quickly. Once you have received the final DVD’s, we delete our archive 7 days later. We really cannot make any exceptions on this rule, so please make sure you watch it again once you receive the finals.