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Pricing and Package Information

The Wedding Theater is proud to offer a wide variety of wedding videography services to each of our clients. Below are our primary packages for wedding videography. If you have any questions, please feel free contact us via email at (just click the email address and your mail client should pop up) or phone 512.534.1457

Feb 2017 UPDATE – Take advantage of our Engagement Season Special and get  $250-$500 off of your package (discount depends on chosen package) and travel fees waived for weddings up to 200 miles from Austin TX. The deposit must be in hand before the special ends to qualify for the discount.

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THE FINE PRINT – All packages come with 2 separate videos, The Highlight (also called The Trailer) and The Feature Film (also called The Long Video).  The highlight video is a 5-7 minute highlight of the entire day, set to a couple of songs and will be just like the videos you have seen on our website. Basically, the difference between the packages is that the higher up in price you go, the more EDITED footage you will receive on “Video 2” aka the Feature Film. Package 1, the feature film is just the ceremony, package 2 gets you the ceremony and toasts, package 3 gets you the ceremony, toasts, and 5 minute highlights of preparation and reception footage, Packages 4 and 5 just expand upon that.  All packages come with Full day Coverage up to 9 consecutive hrs and typically we start 2 hours before the ceremony. Start time can be changed depending on the wedding timeline.  All final videos can be delivered via digital download or DVD. The RAW footage is available free on YOUR drive (must be at least a  500gb external USB 3.0 apple formatted drive) or for $100 on our drive which will also contain the editing files.

austin wedding videographer packages

austin wedding videographer

Austin Wedding Videography Packages

Austin Wedding Videography Packages