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Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding

Save Money on Your WeddingWant to save some money? Dumb question right. Of course, everyone wants to save a little money when they can. Weddings are expensive. There’s no getting around the fact that if you want a traditional ceremony with all the regular stuff like venue, reception, food, dresses, tuxes, flowers, invitations, photographer, videographer, decorations, honeymoon, etc. it is going to cost you. The list can go on and on, and nothing on that list is free. However, there are a few things you can do to help with the costs of those things.

One tip I heard about was about invitations. Think about how many wedding invitations you have gotten over a lifetime. Do you still have any that aren’t from a close relative or friend? Probably not. The idea here is to send the nice, elaborate invitation to immediate family and very close friends. For the rest of your invitations just use a basic invitation with no frills, this can cut your invitation costs by 1/3 or more.

Do you have a rich uncle or family friend with a big house? Ask if you can have your wedding there. This alone can save you thousands in venue costs.  A lot of people are scared to ask, but if there is ever a time to call in a favor it would be on your wedding day. Offer to hire a cleaning crew to come the day after to help clean up. The cleaning crew may cost $500, but that’s a whole lot better than $5000!

Rent your wedding dress. Guys do it with their tuxes, why not the bride? A simple google search of “wedding dress rental” should turn up several local business that offer wedding dress rental in your area.  Rates vary depending on the dress and package you get, but if your dream dress is thousands of dollars and out of the budget, you should consider renting a dress just as nice for a few hundred bucks!

To be fair though, the old saying still rings true. You get what you pay for. Its OK to splurge on your wedding day. It only happens once and is a day you will remember for the rest of your life. Don’t go cheap, but if you can save a buck or two and not sacrifice too much quality, go for it!