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[VIDEO] How to Pop The Question
April 25, 2011 Articles

Conducting a routine Google search for “crazy marriage proposals” will lead you to some outrageous examples that may be too over-the-top (or cliché) to impress or even be appreciated at all by your bride-to-be (See: “Wedding Proposals Gone Wrong”). This is definitely not to say that you can’t go out on a limb and come up with a unique and memorable way to pop the question – you just have to remember that your proposal needs to be appropriate for your lady, whether she is the type that would prefer exciting theatrics, or whether she would appreciate a quieter more intimate approach. Of course, timing is also key; you don’t want to put your partner in an uncomfortable situation (let alone in public!) where you are going to be let down. Keep this in mind if you truly want to coordinate a romantic moment that will kick off your marriage on the right foot. Here are a few examples of one-of-a-kind proposals that apparently went over well:

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Another unique idea is to use the medium of video as the proposal itself:

Here at The Wedding Theater, we would be thrilled to work with you to create a video that will document that special moment, something that could also later be incorporated into your final wedding video. Here’s one example of a marriage proposal we produced that was later used by the couple as a “Save the Date” video that could be sent out to wedding guests:

Adam and Sonia – Proposal video by The Wedding Theater

So if you are interested in creating a proposal video, contact us and we’ll do our best to help you document that special moment – and if you play your cards right, that moment will end with a “Yes!”


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