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Wedding FilmMakers : DSLR Cameras

A New Generation of Wedding FilmMaker is a series of articles we are releasing breaking down the differences between a modern-day wedding filmmaker and a traditional wedding videographer. Second in the series of articles is the topic of cameras!

dslr wedding videographers hd!

Wedding Videographer of Yesteryear!

Videographers have been around for many, many years. In days past, they consisted of usually one person with a large and sometimes expensive video camera who would stand on the perimeter of whatever was happening and film events as they happened from a distance. Most of the time the camera was on a tripod, which limits how exciting the video would be. It was also somewhat obtrusive (even as the videographer would stay out of the way) just because a tripod and large camera tend to really get in the way and stand out no matter what. Long boring clips of video which no one could really afford to edit were delivered to the bride and groom and it got the job done. The cameras were large and so expensive that having more than one was simply out of the question.

dslr hd wedding videography 5d mark ii

Canon 5D Mark II DSLR HD Camera

Today, things are much different. Companies like Apple and Canon have made it more affordable to actually use a few different cameras and edit together the footage so it feels more like a movie. The cameras The Wedding Theater uses are called DSLR cameras. Heard of them? You likely will have heard the term because they are in fact the exact same cameras and lens that most professional photographers use. Movies are simply a number of photos in a specific order, so why not allow us the use of the same camera? Technology will continue to move forward, and who knows what that will bring, but those bright beautiful images you may be dreaming of or already see from a professional photographer basically come to life and that’s what our films look like! The lens array that was already in place for photographers now allows for sharp focus and a beautiful 35mm look in video. Cameras such as the Nikon D800, Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, 5D3, 60D, and T3i all have different uses and are small, portable, and deliver a much brighter, more colorful image than most prosumer camcorders.   All of our films are shot, edited, and delivered in 1080p 24 fps HD quality, which what these modern cameras do best!  We offer Blu-ray as well as standard DVDs, and TWT goes a step further in our packages including a hard drive with digital versions of all your videos so that you can back them up, or upload them as you please!

Did I mention lenses?  So the thought that a camera makes video look like film is only partially correct.  Lenses are pretty much the rest.  We have found that using very fast (meaning lenses with low aperture) in our industry are absolutely a must.  Why?  Well in videography you never know when your going to get caught in a low light situation.  Our L lenses from Canon will mostly catch more light than your eye, meaning the image we film is brighter than the environment we film it in!  Each lens has a different purpose, whether its a long lens for get close ups, a macro from getting small details, or an ultra wide for a landscape time-lapse or steadicam shot, make sure that your videographer has top notch lenses, and a back up of each in case one gets damaged!

The fact that the cameras are much smaller means tripods are only a small part of what we use to support the cameras, allowing for other piece’s of grip (anything that holds or moves the camera I.E. a tripod) to be used and a whole new market of portable equipment has been invented and offered so that now we can move the camera while filming. We use an array of portable film making equipment that allows us to create stunning pieces of video in a hurry!  Come back for another article on wedding videography grip shortly!


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