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The Wedding Theater – A Look Back

Look at the faces of the people on every shot in this video. Whats the common theme? A big smile on everyone’s face is what I see, and thats why we love what we do. This video is comprised of shots from about 15 different weddings we have filmed in the last year and a half or so. In cities all over the US, and countries around the world we have had the unique privilege to spend one of the happiest days of our clients’ lives with them. It makes going to work so much easier for us. Our goal is to bring those same emotions they felt that day back to them each and every time they watch their video. Hopefully each time our couples watch their video they will do what everyone else in this video is doing….Smile. :)

Music License: The Music Bed

Catherine + Brian’s Barr Mansion Wedding Trailer Austin TX

It had been a while since we had been to one of Austin’s premiere wedding venues, Barr Mansion. We had been looking forward to getting back there for some time, so when we arrived for Cat & Brian’s wedding we were thrilled to be greeted with good weather and the great Sam Le,of Sunny 16 Photography who is one of Austin’s top wedding photographers. Its always nice working with other other wedding vendors we know and have worked with before, that is why Sam is on the list of photographers we recommend when we are asked. All that aside, Cat and Brian were great, as were their friends and family. Everyone was super nice and it was a true joy to share the day with them. The wedding was exceptional, and the reception afterwards was truly one big FUN party. So please, take a look at Cat and Brian’s Barr Mansion Wedding Trailer!

Olivia + Jeff’s Olde Dobbin Station Wedding Trailer – Houston TX Wedding Video

Sometimes, it just all comes together. The couple, the weather, the venue, the crew…everything just all meshed perfectly together for Olivia and Jeff’s wedding. This video has really turned out to be one of the videos we are most proud of. Olde Dobbin Station is just outside of Houston, and when we got the call from Olivia and Jeff to do their wedding videography, we had not heard of this particular venue before. A quick google search shed some more light on the place and it looked like a really cool place to make a nice video. Lots of landscaping, some restored buildings and a really cool “modern vintage” look really make Olde Dobbin Station stand out. Olivia and Jeff, along with their entire wedding party and guests made us feel welcome and at ease the entire time. We had a great time ourselves filming the wedding and I think that shows in the video. We were able to take our time and really get the right shot when we needed it. So…sit back, relax, and take in the wedding of Olivia and Jeff! Oh, we would love your feedback too, please leave a comment or “like” it on Facebook if you enjoyed it!

UPDATE (June 2014): We just wanted to pass along a sincere thanks you for all the comments and emails we have gotten on this trailer. This is one of my favorite videos we have ever produced and to get that kind of recognition for our work has been a true honor. We were even lucky enough to have this video featured on Style Me Pretty’s blog just last month!

Nina & Matt’s Joule Hotel Wedding Trailer – Dallas, TX

Having grown up just south of Dallas, its always fun to get back in the area to film a wedding. When Nina and Matt told us they were getting married at The Joule Hotel, we were even more excited. Right in Downtown Dallas, the Joule is really an incredible place. Very contemporary, yet with a bit of the past mixed in as well. Really, a very cool combination. Nina and Matt, along with their guests, provided us with yet another amazing experience with our clients. Very down to earth people, and really fun personalities, Nina and Matt both were awesome to work with. We couldn’t be happier with how their wedding video turned out, and we hope you enjoy it as well!

Rebeca + Peter’s W Hotel Wedding Video Austin TX

One of the great things about being a wedding videographer here in Austin is the diversity of the wedding venues in the area. From awesome lake view venues, to tranquil hill country settings to elegant wedding settings such as this one at the W Hotel, the Austin area has it all. Rebeca and Peter’s wedding was coordinated by our friends at Caplan Miller Events and, as always, the event was magnificent. Every single detail was pure perfection and Rebeca and Peter were an absolute pleasure to work with. In fact their whole family was just a joy to be around and everyone was so happy for the both of them. So please, sit back and enjoy Rebeca and Peter’s W Hotel Wedding Trailer!!