Wedding Venue: Dallas Arboretum
June 6, 2012 Articles

Although The Wedding Theater, based in Austin, TX, films weddings all over the world, one standout wedding location here in Texas is the Dallas Arboretum, one of the most gorgeous outdoor locales for anyone looking for a mesmerizing setting to spend, perhaps, the most important day of your life. The serenity of the 66-acre enchanting display gardens, in conjunction with the peaceful view of White Rock Lake in the background, provides a captivating environment for a wedding. There are multiple venue options at the Dallas Arboretum, each unique in their own way whether you prefer majestic or simplistic beauty, have large or a small amount of guests, want a view overlooking the vast Dallas skyline or favor the breathtaking water features of some of the options; the romantic qualities of whatever venue you choose will accentuate the mood of your wedding reception.  All are vibrantly and botanically framed (with a variety of flowers and plants in bloom throughout the year) but with specific features creating an atmosphere singular and almost surreal in imagination.

Dallas Arboretum

Lush lawns, serene meadows, brilliantly hued gardens, and large stone pieces create a sense of wonderment and romance. Floor to ceiling windows and large doors add to the spaciousness of the interiors in the DeGolyer Estate and Rosine Hall – two of the most popular venues. Specialty chairs, tables, and tenting accommodate the bride and groom’s guests, making the wedding a memorable experience for all involved. The Dallas Arboretum will ensure your wedding surpasses your expectations.


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