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Photographer Aubrey Newnham

Beautiful, picture by Aubrey-Adelle

Beautiful wedding photography by Aubrey-Adelle

It can be overwhelming to plan a wedding and when a bride begins the process it’s so important to start organized.  I’m a wedding photographer now, but when I was a bride I knew nothing about planning a wedding event.  As a photographer, there are a few tips I’d point out to get the best outcome of the big event and the most fabulous photographs.

The first thing you’ve got to do is hire a wedding planner.  You may hire one at various levels of service.  If your budget is tight, there are package options offered to help on solely the wedding rehearsal and wedding day.  They save the couple a lot of time as they offer preferred vendor list and options of recommended practices.  As a bride, not hiring a coordinator was one of my biggest mistakes.  As a photographer, I see, behind the scenes, how valuable coordinators are to the couple.
Another key tip for fabulous photos is “get your hair and make-up professionally done!”  I’ve heard from brides many times they do such a great job on their own make-up.  If we’re being completely honest, it usually isn’t better than a pro.  Brides often underestimate the amount of time it takes to look phenomenal on their wedding day.  When the hair and make-up is done by artists you’ll have a guarantee that it’ll be done well.  Also, to add to fabulous wedding shots, I highly recommend fake eyelashes on the wedding day.  And!  A bride may want to start a search for hair and make-up professionals by hiring them to do their engagement photos.
The Big Day

Aubrey-Adelle Wedding Photography

I, also, highly recommend the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony for a private moment followed by one-on-one photo time.  This is often referred to as, “the first look.”  Once the ceremony is underway, celebrating often takes it’s own course, which cuts into photography time.   If a bride and groom are worried about seeing each other pre-ceremony because it’s against tradition they should know many brides say they still felt so special with their father walking them down the aisle after seeing each other first.  Most of the posed and formal portraits were out of the way and the photographer was able to photograph in a more journalistic style from the ceremony through the end of the event.  I’ve, personally, had nothing but good responses from brides on their wedding day as a result of taking the first look.

Shot in the Austin area

Austin couple's engagement portrait session

Finding the perfect photographer can be challenging.  After getting referrals from wedding coordinators and, often, friends, I’d encourage

couples to go to bridal shows and meet photographers and review their portfolios.  Most people can get a good feel for how the photographer interacts with clients and their style of photography at such an event.  However, if a couple is having a difficult time choosing a photographer it may be a good idea to schedule an engagement session with their first choice before the photographer is officially hired.  If the outcome is desirable, the couple can rest assured they’ve made a good choice.

Aubrey currently resides in Baltimore, but is a native of Texas and has done numerous shoots in the Austin area. For more information from Aubrey, or to view more of her work you can visit her website: