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Tips for Winter Weddings (Even in Texas :)

Austin Wedding Videography Company The Wedding Theater gives Winter Wedding Tips
Even though we all know in Austin, Texas it only snows once or twice a year and the date is hardly predictable enough to plan your winter wedding on a beautiful snowy day, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a gorgeous white winter wedding. Aside from the striking winter decorations available to suit the winter theme, there are many trends that I am absolutely enjoying as a guest of the wedding. Besides, the snow here is much more likely to be sloshy sleet, anyway.

Trend #1: Hot Chocolate Bar

This one is self explanatory and delectable. We are seeing a lot of winter weddings offer not only the regular bar with trendy drinks involving winter flavors like peppermint and cinnamon or eggnog, but a bar with hot chocolate and marshmallows in mugs! It keeps the hands and stomach warm and is a wonderful alternative for those guests who have to drive home safely!

Trend #2: Silver accents opposite lace

As one might expect, silver reminds people of snow, icicles and winter, so we’ve been seeing whites and silvers and greys in every decoration surrounding the day, from bridesmaids dresses and jewelry to table settings and invitations. True, the closer your event is to Christmas and New Years, the more white/black themes we see coming into play, which is always in and always classy, but unless you’re intentionally playing up the holiday instead of your special day, we like the silver, whites and ivories better.

Trend #3: Poinsettias and Holly

Your wedding is in winter, so why try to hide that with summer flowers? We love seeing these winter berries and flowers around if your theme is tone-on-tone, they work so well opposite the icicle white and silver colors. The poinsettias are rich, warm and smell wonderful and the Holly adds the benefit of 2 rich colors for a stunning contrast.

Trend #4: Baked Goodies

Gingerbread men, s’mores and white coated candy bars have been popping up like crazy in the most recent of winter wedding trends. Chocolate with peppermint and nutella with a hazelnut frozen to a spoon for stirring into warm drinks have also been a hit as either a table goodie for your guests or a party favor to take home.

Trend #5: Blanket Favors

This is my favorite. It have only seen it at a few receptions, but I believe the idea is growing on people. The couple provided white fleece blankets for the guests (granted, not for every single person but for every group of people who came together) with a tag that said “Bundle up cause ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside!'” with the idea that they would use it during the reception and take it home as their favor.


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