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Things to Consider on your Wedding Day

The best day of your life

Your special day should be amazing

So I have never been married, but I have heard from various brides and photographers that there are a few things that you should save for the day of the wedding. So here it is…once again another top 5 list, but this one is specifically for the big day!

1. Get a good night’s sleep.

I know…it’s cliche and over said…but I think sometimes we under-estimate the need for quality rest in the form of a full 7-10 hours of sleep (whichever amount works best for your body), especially on a night before something as important as your wedding! If you have trouble falling asleep, take a bath or take some sort of sleeping aid. ( A glass of wine counts!)

2. Relax

It’s easier said than done. But with all the things that are going on around you on your wedding day, it’s important to remember to sit back, RELAX and to let your friends and family take care of you. Maybe start the say with some sort of exercise, yoga or journalingĀ  to clear your thoughts and be as calm as possible.

3. Get your hair and make-up done professionally

We get to do our own hair and make-up most other days of the year. On your special day, let yourself feel pampered and get your hair and make-up done professionally. This will also ensure that you look your greatest!

4. Pay attention to the little details

This is the time, that you make sure your legs are shaved, your eye-brows are plucked, and your skin is flawless. Make sure you feel great, and look great. The little details matter!

5. Have fun, and enjoy the day.

This day will only happen once (or for some of us two or three times) but no matter what, it is a special day that should be cherished and remembered. Take deep breaths, smile as much as possible, and enjoy your wedding day!