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The Trailer HD Package

TrailerWedding videography as a whole has completely transformed in the last few years.  In years past, people hired videographers to document their wedding day and send them a film on VHS or DVD that they could watch every now and thenwith friends and family.  Things are completely different now and we know that!

We have done our research, and we found a few things in our industry that bothered us, so we want to address that right up front.  All of our packages are filmed by the same team of people we call “The Wedding Theater Crew.”  We don’t bring less experienced people just because you purchase a lesser package.  We bring the same number of HD cameras (always at least 4) and we allow for plenty of time to ensure we are there to cover your wedding from beginning to end whether you want the smallest package or the largest.  We do offer more coverage time for certain packages based how much footage we are going need to deliver the film that you want.  Each and every package also include the option to purchase all the raw footage and editing files on a external hard for you to keep ($100 charge for hard-drive), as well as DVDs and or BluRays.

Our Trailer Film HD Package is designed to give what we have heard over and over again as the necessities for modern day bride and groom.  The most popular film anyone wants today is a video that can be shared on the internet.  Others call them “highlights” or “trailers” but we like to think that what we create is more than that!  We call them Short Films because they are in their own right, an actual movie, with a story line, composition, and emotion.  Our short films, much like the example below, can be shared online easily with friends and family any website that you choose.  They include pieces from the whole wedding day, everything from the preparation to the ceremony to the end of the wedding.  While we know they are the most popular feature, they may not be the most important feature to preserve throughout the wedding day.  So, for that reason, we include a full length video of your ceremony so that you can rest assured years from now, you can go back and see the actual wedding ceremony.