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Sarah + Caleb @ Northside / the Remington

The Wedding Theater traveled to Corsicana, TX this weekend to film Sarah and Caleb’s wedding at Northside Church and their reception at the Remington, which is apparently a new venue in Corsicana.

Northside Church is one of the largest Church’s in Corsicana, and boasts seating for well over 500 people. The church looks to be planning an expansion sometime in the near future so it will be exciting to see what it looks like in a few years. It’s a beautifully built modernized sanctuary with a ceilings probably 60 feet high. The church was decorated with an abundance of greenery and beautiful bold colored flowers.

The Remington is being managed by Richille Chiles, one of the best wedding coordinators in the area. With a rustic but elegant feel, the Remington is bound to see tons of wedding receptions in the future, not to mention any event needing to house 300+ guests. After speaking with a few people from Corsicana, there was quite a bit of anticipation on how the new hotspot would turn out. Our thoughts on the subject are good. It was obvious there was some fine tuning to the grounds that will likely happen soon, but overall a great atmosphere with really vibrant colors, flowing curtains hanging from euphoric fixtures, a large warehouse with a “if the walls could speak” attitude, and a nice indoor/outdoor mix environment to top things off. There really aren’t too many places in the venue that don’t beg to have photo’s taken in front of them, making our job much easier! As the sunset, the breeze started to blow through the “pavilion” styled dance floor making for an amazing evening.

We had a blast, and will be adding a wedding trailer from this event to this blog soon enough. Overall, the evening was very relaxed, everyone had a smile on their face, the weather was great, and the wedding ended with an exit in a very old, really cool car. (so embarrassed I don’t know what kind it was.)