Rainy Day Wedding Tips Austin TX
Rainy Wedding Day? Fear Not!
October 15, 2012 Articles

Rainy Day Wedding Austin TexasRain in the forecast for your wedding day? Fear not! With a little pre-planning, rain doesn’t have to be your main worry on the big wedding day. Here in Austin (and most of Texas, for that matter) rain typically isn’t a major worry (especially if you are having a summer wedding) but as they say…when it rains, it pours! The first step to prepare for a rainy wedding day is simply ask your venue what their plan is in case of rain. If your wedding is indoors, no sweat! However, with most summer weddings taking place outdoors, you’ll need a back-up plan. Does the venue have some sort of canopy or tent they can put up? A lot of times, they will. Wedding venues are used to this, especially if they are an outdoor wedding venue. So if they are run well, they should be prepared.

Photography and videography will also be affected by the rain. Obviously, our cameras aren’t waterproof and will not be filming in the

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rain, but it does give us an opportunity to get more creative, which we always enjoy! Again, if rain is in the forecast, call your vendors and plan with them on the different scenarios. Most of your vendors will likely have dealt with this type of situation many times before and will be happy to work with you and plan with you about what to do. As with most things, preparation pays off and with most couples planning their wedding day a year or more in advance, you don’t have to let a little rain ruin your day. In fact, maybe rain is a good thing, they say it’s actually good luck if it rains on your wedding day ☺
One last tip we found as of Saturday nights wedding…. Send your guests off in style with parting gifts that allow them to stay dry!  Give them each an umbrella with your choice of embroidering on it.  They will forever remember your wedding every time it rains!


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