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[VIDEO] PicFlips = Wedding Reception Hit!
October 11, 2010 Articles

Wedding video Houston txThe Wedding Theater isn’t just about wedding video and film, we are about what is new, fun, and cutting edge with weddings!  Over the weekend while filming Carrie and David’s fantastic T Bar M Resort Wedding, we ran into a couple of gals with PicFlips ( PicFlips are something new to us, but we loved them right from the beginning. First of all, the two girls working there were very friendly and helpful explaining what the product is, and second, it was so much fun! Basically this is a short, instantly gratifying 6-7 second animation of you and your friends. Step in front of the screen and goof around like you would in a photobooth, but come out and just over a minute later you will have your very own keepsake from the wedding – an old school animated movie! They had tons of signs and costume type fun adds to make each flip book unique. We liked FlipPic so much, we threw together our own little commercial for this blog so can see just how fun they are and we are going to use Carrie and Davids flip book from their wedding night in their trailer coming soon!

This was our flipbook from the night.

(Featured in the flipbook from left to right (Jonathan Holt, Matt Boyd, and Dustin Stelly of The Wedding Theater.)

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