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SLOW MOTION VIDEO BOOTH Austin Wedding Videographer – A very cool addition to any wedding!

Austin Wedding Videographer, The Wedding Theater now offering a Slow Motion Video Booth!

So, everyone is familiar with a photo booth right? Well, we decided to adapt that concept to the video world! TWT is proud to introduce and offer our Slow Motion Video Booth. Filmed against a white backdrop, your guests will use our props and have all sorts of fun dancing around and acting crazy in front of the camera. Once we bring that footage back to the editing lab and slow it down, it turns into some of the most hilarious, cool, and fun footage you have ever seen. We film with a state of the art, super high frame rate camera to be able to slow the footage down and still have it look awesome. The camera we use is filming at 240 frames per second, which means the camera is taking an astonishing TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY pictures per second to get that one video frame. This really is a cool add on to any video package you might be purchasing for us.

We will be booking this both as an add-on to video packages and as a stand alone element of a wedding. So, you do not have to purchase a video package to book the booth, HOWEVER, if you do purchase a video package, the booth will be discounted. Anyway, please check out the below video to see what it looks like

Austin Wedding Videographer Presents Elizabeth + Ryan’s Wedding Trailer

Austin Wedding Videographer, The Wedding Theater, Presents: Elizabeth + Ryan’s Wedding Driskill Hotel Austin TX wedding Trailer

Wow, what a beautiful wedding Ryan and Elizabeth had, Surrounded by their family and friends, it truly was an epic day. With the Driskill hotel as the setting for an amazing night, the party was awesome and elegant. Family and friends danced well into the night celebrating Ryan and Elizabeth!

Morgan + Zach’s Camp Lucy Wedding Trailer – Austin Wedding Videographer

Hey Everyone! We sure are please to get up on the blog Morgan and Zach’s AWESOME Camp Lucy wedding video. When I first met with Morgan and Zach I could tell instantly they were going to be fun to work with. Zach runs a video production business of his own, so we could talk “the lingo” together. They day of the wedding was one of those perfect days where the weather could not have been nicer. Anytime you have the clear skies and a comfortable temperature, theres no better place to be that the Hill Country! Morgan and Zach’s wedding was held at Camp Lucy. Camp Lucy is just outside of Austin, and if you are still looking for a wedding venue, be sure and at least go check this place out. It is an absolutely stunning place with a lot of options for the perfect hill country wedding.

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