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Register Here = Free Video

austin-wedding-video-contestSo we have this really cool new blog and we really want to share it with everyone, but we need your help! Obviously we are going to offer something for free right? Well yes of course. When you register for our blog (quite possibly the easiest process ever on the web, all you have to do is choose a username and email, and the site sends your email the password) you are automatically entered in a contest to win a free session with us. “I’m already married?” Call it an anniversary session! We will book a day to take you and your favorite person/family to your favorite locations and ours, and put together a short documentary video for you. We can make it available on the web, DVD, and give you a digital version you can upload or watch on your computer.

This is setup much like family portraits if you will for those who are already married and not engaged, and for those who are engaged, the winner will receive an engagement session. IT GETS BETTER! If you have us booked for your wedding, we will add a bridal session to it! That means you will get the engagement session and the bridal session (same as photo but video) just for signing up on our blog!

So to sum up:
-all you have to do is register here
-you don’t have to have us booked as your videographer to enter
-you don’t have to be engaged, or married (this is for anyone and everyone)
-you can have the video in three different formats (web, dvd, digital)
-you will love it
-you can only enter one time
-email is required
-session is based on availability in your area (you don’t have to live in Austin (but we do have some amazing places to film))
-IP is recorded so please do not register more than one time
-THE KICKER! – You can give this to anyone you want if you win and don’t want it…!

I think this is a pretty awesome deal, mainly because anyone can win it. Winner will be announced and contacted via Email or other contact information if given at an un-disclosed time.