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Austin Wedding Coordinator: Brass Tacks Events

Austin Wedding ? Event Planner: Brass Tacks EventsHaving been in the wedding videography industry for several years now, we get asked all the time for wedding vendor recommendations. Sometimes we are the first vendor a client has booked so they will ask who we work well with. Like any team, familiarity is always a plus. When you have worked with someone before, you can get a feeling for their nuances and different ways of doing things. It takes the guessing game out of the picture and everyone can go about his or her job in a more cohesive and structured manner.

When we get asked for recommendations about event planners here in Austin we always tell people that one of our favorite planners we have worked with so far is Brass Tacks Events.This past weekend we did a wedding with BTE at The Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin and it could not have gone smoother. The people over at BTE do it all, and do it in an organized, fun, and professional manner. They keep the room calm no matter what is going on. Another thing they are great at is helping all of the vendors stay on the same page. Our favorite thing about BTE is that they make sure we are set up and ready for the big events of the evening such as toasts, bouquet toss, special dances, etc. A lot of weddings do not have a strict time schedule, so when something is about to happen, we need a couple minutes of lead time to get set. A lot of planners/coordinators will just tell the DJ to start the toasts, and not tell the photographer or us which can create a big problem for your wedding video if we are on the other side of the room. For a photographer, all they have to do is walk over and take a few pictures during the toasts, but the videographer has to make sure audio is running, cameras in the right spot, light is on the speaker, and so on. When BTE is doing a wedding we are filming, we know we will never have any of those issues.

The best thing about BTE, though, is their attitude. Their whole team is a fun and hard-working crew and that really does help keep everyone’s nerves at bay during the wedding day. It’s a stressful day for all involved (the bride and groom for obvious reasons) and the vendors because we all want to do a great job, and we have to do everything right the first time. There are no re-takes on wedding days for us. We know that when we work with BTE we don’t have to stress nearly as much and neither will you if you hire them to coordinate your big day!

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