Austin Texas Wedding Venue: Smith Family Chapel
October 6, 2011 Articles
Austin Texas Smith Family Chapel Riverbend Church

Jake Holt Photography

As a frequent guest of weddings, one of the most memorable aspects of the occasion is the ceremony location. For those wishing for an intimate, indoor wedding, the Smith Family Chapel in Austin, Texas is one of the most beautiful I have found. It has a capacity of an approximated 350 guests and services a variety of religious ceremonies from Hindu to Lutheran to Quaker weddings. A part of the Riverbend church on Capital of Texas Highway in Austin, the medium-sized chapel is a wedding favorite. That having been said, make sure that if this is the place for you, you book ahead of time: the church requires a reservation 18 months in advance and you must speak with the wedding coordinator, Bren Puryear, in order to confirm everything! The church provides a¬†liaison¬†between the wedding party and the event department, which all but guarantees the event will both run smoothly and be stunningly beautiful. With it’s tall tower, limestone walls and beautiful stained glass windows, this venue is magical and is sure to make your wedding ceremony truly memorable.


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