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October 4, 2011 Articles

Austin Texas Wedding Videographer The Wedding TheaterOne of the most important aspects of wedding videography, is the cohesion between a photographer and a cinematography team.  Knowing a photographer personally makes things just that much easier.  I met Paige in the second grade I believe, and have known her to be a wonderful person ever since.  Paige Ogilvie has been doing photography sinse high school, and I was extremely excited when I found out she was venturing into weddings!  We

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had a chance to have a phone interview with the talented Dallas based photographer to ask a few key questions about her work and what to expect when hiring her to photograph your wedding day.  Of course this is a shortened version of the A.D.D. reunion that we had at the time of the call!

Jonathan : So Paige, I know you have had a camera in your hands for almost as long as I can remember, but when did you first pick up a camera, what kind was it?

Dallas Wedding PhotographerPaige : My parents gave me a 35mm Canon (film!) camera for my birthday when I turned 15.  I developed and printed most of my own pictures in the darkroom at my high school.  I actually shot my very first wedding with it when I was only 17.

 Jonathan : I know you were always snapping pictures in High School, working for the yearbook, etc. what about photography do you most enjoy?

Paige : My favorite thing about photo-ing people is that I get to document their lives RIGHT NOW – a time that will never be the same again.  From engaged couples, to a bride and groom on their wedding day, to brand new parents – I realize that the photos I take will be someone’s favorite picture of their parents or grandparents someday.

Jonathan : Whats an aspect of photography you are always striving to improve?

Paige : I’m constantly striving to give my clients the best “whole experience” that I can possibly deliver .  I try really hard to facilitate a genuine relationship with the bride and groom so that they can trust me to do my job.  From Skyping with a couple before their engagement session to sending them their finished wedding album, I try to make the whole experience a fabulous one.
Jonathan : I know this is a tough question to answer from experience, but I have to ask it anyway… Why choose PLO Photo?
Wedding Photographer DallasPaige : I love what I do.  For me photography is my paint.  I love taking photos that I feel will forever hold that moment still in a world that is constantly changing.  I think still photography is one of the only things that does that, and its the reason it still holds strong in the “video” generation that we live in.  Every picture allows a person to make their own assumption as to what had happened just before or after it was taken; and the story behind it is left up to the person looking at it. Recognizing that makes a huge difference in a photographers work, and I personally feel that it shows in mine. Also I only take on a few weddings a month to ensure my clients get the best experience possible.
Jonathan : Paige, thank you so much for taking this quick phone call!

Paige : It was great talking with you!

Check out Paige Ogilvie’s work on her website  Paige is destination ready and travels worldwide.


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