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event wedding videography austin txYou’re engaged and now you have a thousand decisions to make. You think that you might want to have a wedding video of your special day created so that you can forever see, hear, and feel the emotion that your wedding will bring. You have found a few wedding videographers either online, or who were referred by friends and you are at the point where you need to narrow it down. At The Wedding Theater, we are a transparent company. You can see and feel that by talking with us and looking over our website. Below, we want to go over initial questions that we want you to ask as you start the wonderful adventure of finding your wedding videographer!

#1) What is plan B for your company?

Accidents and illness happen. Equipment breakdowns happen. So far in our history, neither occurrence has prevented us from filming a wedding and filming it the right way. Both have happened once or twice, but we always plan for the worst and we have a plan B for just about any occurrence. Even when we back-up the footage on your wedding while it is waiting to be edited, we back it up twice and have backups at two different locations, just in case. Each and every wedding is our Super Bowl and we are going to be there no matter what.  If you have read much on our website, like our ABOUT page, you will quickly notice that The Wedding Theater is comprised of a single team of 5 very talented players who all work together on every wedding. Everyone has the same knowledge and all film and edit for The Wedding Theater.  Any time you want to meet our team, we would love to have you in to our studio to do so.  We do this as an insurance that your wedding will be filmed even if one of our team has an illness and the film will be exactly what we show you on our website.  No one team member will change that!  That brings us to the next question….

#2) Where is your business located?

Only recently have full-time companies like The Wedding Theater been formed to give our clients a better idea of our professionalism and commitment.  You’re in a position to make a large investment (monetarily and emotionally) with whoever films your wedding, and we think knowing that The Wedding Theater has gone to the effort to have a STUDIO where you can visit, and more importantly sit down in a quiet environment where everyone is comfortable so we can talk and get to know each other and learn about your wedding is very, very important. In fact, The Wedding Theater even has a mock living room where our clients can kick back on a large couch and watch a whole DVD to see exactly what we deliver. This is yet another way TWT shows it’s transparency as you can literally watch our Short Films on our website and request to see the full version of that couples wedding in our studio.

3) What are your prices?

We understand that your time is valuable and if you are looking for a wedding videographer, that means you are also in the middle of planning a wedding which is no easy task, so we put our prices right on the PACKAGES AND PRICING page (with the exception of Destination weddings which price is determined on travel costs) so that you know right away if you want to spend the time to inquire or not. There are no hidden charges, though we do have travel compensation for any wedding over 60 miles away from our studio (again based on travel expenses) so the price you see is the exact price.

4) What are the details of this wedding videography package?

The Wedding Theater crew shows up and leaves together, and we bring with us at least 3, sometimes more depending on the wedding. The TWT crew is trained and experienced. We are there to ensure your wedding day is covered correctly.  As you will read in our reviews, we are very good at staying back and giving your wedding day the respect it deserves by not being overwhelming.  We also bring 4-5 Canon DSLR HD cameras (a couple for backup) and all of our crew is there to film for the time that you have commissioned us to be there. We use high end equipment, everything from cameras, audio, lighting (yes we provide all the lighting we need to create your wedding film) to steadicams, monopods, and other tools. We bring it all to every wedding, and honestly, while we certainly don’t mind showing or explaining each piece of equipment, you should know that we have multiple objectives when it comes to your wedding day and the biggest one is that we provide you with exactly what we have shown you so that when everything is said and done, you are extremely happy with us and willing to recommend us to your friends and family.  Please know that we bring everyone and everything we need to make sure you have peace of mind, and if you need further explanation please ask.

5) How many years has your company been filming weddings like the ones I see on the website?

A wedding videography company needs to have the experience to ensure you are comfortable on your wedding day so that you are comfortable in your wedding film, and that comes largely with experience.  Look at REVIEWS on public websites. How many clients have taken the time to explain their story to you so that you can get a good feeling for that company. How long ago were those reviews left?  The Wedding Theater has been receiving reviews for our work for over 4 years now on many different websites such as WeddingWire and theknot (30+ five star on theknot) and even has happy clients that you can connect with as a reference to ensure those reviews are from real clients!

6) What happens after the wedding?

Our clients experience with us as a company is just as important as quality work. We want to be communicative and transparent. It’s important that you know our process and all the details because that gives us a much better chance of making you happy :) Shortly after your wedding we connect and share a link to private form on our website that fully explains our post-production process and also allows you to list all your wedding vendors so we can give them credit on our blog. We create very detailed wedding films and it takes a large amount of time. While a wedding is filmed in just a day, it takes weeks of editing to complete just one movie and that largely comes from the fact that we want your wedding to be the absolute best possible version the first time we send it. We normally have about a 3-4 month turn around on our films, and we always send out a demo version first that you get to take a look at first to see if you have any revisions, again ensuring the film is exactly what you want.

These questions are just a few very key questions that have extremely important answers and should play a large factor in your decision. We hope that you have enjoyed this “encyclopedia” of information that we have taken time to prepare for you. In the end, the most important factor is that you end up with the right videographer, and hopefully this will help!

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