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The Wedding Theater is an Austin TX based wedding videography company. It seems now we should really just say “Texas based”, because from Austin to Houston, Dallas, San Antonio,and internationally, we film everywhere. Our goal is is to make sure that as we film, we are documenting every sincere moment as it happens naturally. We also want to do that without jamming a camera in your face all day. If you read our reviews, more than one client has referred to us as ninjas :) Our other goal is to make sure you have a wedding video you can be proud of. What we do is different. Its not someone just setting a huge camera on top of a tripod and hitting “record”. We use actual cinematography, combining light and camera movement to bring emotion that is much different than photos.  Watch any of our films, or see what our clients claim by reading our reviews.

So, that brings us to who makes up the TWT team. The Wedding Theater has 4 main players and TWT owner, Matthew Boyd, or Ramon Mejia, the creative director, will be the team lead at every wedding we book.  Depending on the package and the wedding, either 2 or 3 of these guys will  be at your wedding.  All of these guys have filmed numerous weddings and are very experienced and qualified cinematographers.

Matthew Boyd
10500462_10103058047495397_7266127020368256356_nMatthew is the owner and Executive Producer of The Wedding Theater. Matthew graduated with a degree in Business and Mass Communications from Texas State in 2006. As co-founder of TWT in 2009, Matthew has filmed over 200 weddings, and knows the ins and outs of the wedding industry as well as anyone in the business. Matthew is also CEO and Executive producer of TWT’s sister company 1023media, which produces corporate and marketing videos for companies all over the world. Some of the bigger companies include Mens Warehouse, The Dallas Cowboys, Karisma Hotels, Cadillac, and many more. Matthew’s main contribution to the works of TWT are now mainly focused on the business side and post production side of things. Matthew will be your main point of contact from the booking to the post production process. While occasionally Matthew will be part of the video team, the TWT Creative Director, Ramon Mejia will usually be the one running the team at the wedding. Matthew is married with two children and resides in Round Rock, TX. He is an avid outdoorsman and has traveled all over the world for both pleasure and business.

Ramon Mejia
r2Ramon graduated from Texas State in 2010 with a degree in Electronic Media. Starting with TWT as an intern shortly after the company was started, Ramon worked his way up to the Creative Director position in 3 short years. A stickler for detail and a talented camera operator, Ramon is in charge of making sure your wedding looks amazing on video. He is the team leader at most weddings and most likely you will see him with a steadicam in his hands the entire night. When asked what his favorite part of filming a wedding is, Ramon says: “The people. I love meeting and talking to new people, and meeting someone on the happiest day of their lives is pretty cool. Generally everyone is in a good mood, and while sometimes there are some nerves in the air, the mood is usually festive and bright, and thats why this is such a great job…we get to be with people on one of their happiest days”. Having filmed north of 200 weddings, there is not much he hasn’t seen over the years. Another one of the many hats that Ramon wears is Head Editor here at TWT. Needless to say, Ramon is a busy man. His hobbies include being an avid sports fan, and he is a Crossfit enthusiast. Ramon has also traveled extensively for business with TWT and its sister company 1023media.

Adam Cook

Adam graduated from Texas State University in 2014 with a degree in electronic media with a minor in business admin. Adam started with TWT that same year as an intern and has been working with TWT ever since. Adam is now our #2 shooter for most weddings, assisting Ramon in gathering those crucial shots to make an awesome wedding film. Adam is extremely talented with the camera and is one of the most reliable employees we have ever had. I always tell my guys that being reliable is the thing I need most out of an employee and Adam has taken that to heart. You can count on him to do his job and get the shots we need. Adam also is a bartender at TopGolf and loves to spend his free time in the outdoors with his dog, Alfred and pursuing various fitness related activities.

Giovanni “Gio” Lazzarini
gioGio studied cinematography for four years at Stephen F Austin State University before moving to Austin in 2012 to sharpen his craft. His attention to detail and creative cinematic style really sets him apart from other “video guys”. Gio takes a lot of pride in doing an amazing job for each client. When asked what his #1 goal is while filming a wedding Gio said, “These weddings are a once in a lifetime event. There are no do-overs. Its a lot of pressure to be on your toes all day and night while filming a wedding, but its not like we can go do a re-shoot. My goal, of course, is to get it right and failure is not an option. The pressure is intense, but it is also a driving force”. There is no story too small and no project too large for Gio.

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