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A New Generation of Wedding FilmMaker: Music

A New Generation of Wedding FilmMaker

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A New Generation of Wedding FilmMaker is a series of articles we are releasing breaking down the differences between a modern-day wedding filmmaker and a wedding videographer. The first topic and probably the most controversial in the business is that of music. Read below to find out more!

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1990's Wedding Videographer

Wedding Videographers have been around for as long as portable consumer video cameras have been around. When you think of videographer, you typically think of a boring video being filmed by a person lugging around a big camera, or standing in the back of the room quietly with a camera on a tripod. Thats pretty true of a videographer because the definition is someone who makes a movie with a video camera. That’s it!?! We still use the term videographer because that’s what many people search but in fact we are wedding filmmakers: meaning we use more than just a camera to make your wedding film. There are cameras involved, but only as a part of the big picture. We use “grip” which is basically anything that supports the camera to keep the film interesting. Sometimes that is a steadicam, other times a linear track system, and even monopods, tripods, and a jib/crane system. We also use location audio recording equipment and specific lighting to create the best environment for making a movie. All of this combined with a crew of talented, well-trained individuals makes for the short films you see on our website. Live events filmed to look like movies, but none of it would work without a soundtrack….

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1990's Wedding Videographer

There has always been great confusion amongst wedding videographers over the use of music in their wedding films. What music can I use and what can’t I use. Well the real answer is, licensed music is the only legal way to go.  We would like to tell everyone a little more about this in hopes of educating those who might not know about it because we too were in those same shoes not long ago, but we have found a great option and its only fare we share it with you!  For the last few years there has been a slow but steady movement by music licensing companies to provide an affordable option for wedding and event videographers, but up until now the libraries weren’t worth spending the money on. Now they are. With the help of people actually paying for the service, a few companies have reached out to record labels and secured the rights to songs for use with event videos. Finally we can afford to use good, solid, soundtrack music in our wedding films. The company we have partnered with is called SongFreedom. SongFreedom allows us to license music for our wedding films in an affordable way. They were the first company offering a small library of popular music and have since grown into a leader in the industry. We couldn’t be happier to support them and all musical artists by paying for the ability to use their music. As filmmakers, we consider ourselves artists and wouldn’t appreciate others using our work illegally and that’s why now that there’s an affordable option, we are calling all other videographers to do the same and STOP the illegal use of music in their wedding videos. More videographers signing up with companies like SongFreedom will provide more resources for SongFreedom to go to the record labels and acquire more music for all to be able to use. On top of that, their amazing browsers give you a great option for finding new music by genre, mood, etc. which gives the ability to open your eyes to new music that you might really like as well as offering popular artists like One Republic, Colbie Caillat, Rob Thomas, David Gray, Jason Mraz, and the list goes on. (These artists are listed from SongFreedom)

What does this mean to you the couple who is about to be married? Well as you can see by watching a few of our trailers here on the front page, the music we are putting in our trailers is amazing and it will allow us to create a soundtrack for your wedding film specific to you!


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