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Bridezilla and The Temple of Groom: Tips for the Modern Day Groom

Believe it or not, the groom actually does more than just show up and smile for pictures.  Today’s groom shares the responsibility of coordinating the wedding with the bride to help make it an enjoyable experience for one another; however, there are certain things the groom should keep in mind.

1.  Don’t be Mothra

If you’ve got a Bridezilla on your hands, relax.  Take a breath.  Don’t fight fire with fire.  Your wedding day is the moment your bride has been waiting for her whole life, ever since she was a little girl, so naturally emotions are running high. Instead, remind her why you love her and that you’re in this together. Even though it’s really her day to shine, she shouldn’t have to bear all the pressure of handling the wedding alone, help her out!

2.  Early Bird Gets the Worm

Start planning early.  Decide what style of tuxedo or suit you’ll be wearing and book it in advance, that way you don’t have to worry about any last-minute alterations.  Also, it’s your responsibility to decide who your groomsmen will be and what they will wear.  Remember, these guys will have to either rent or buy their outfits, so try your best to find a price that works for all of them and make sure they stay on track with their fittings and the wedding schedule.

3.  Speaking of The Hangover…

Your bachelor party.  Nowadays bachelor parties are more than just a case of beer and poker with the groomsmen, they’re weekend excursions, overnight camping trips, or even just a golf outing, so feel free to mix it up a little. There’s even some couples that have joint bachelor/bachelorette getaways at a beach house or wine country.  The point is to have fun and enjoy yourself while taking a break from wedding preparations.  Just make sure you make it back in time for your wedding with everything, minus Mike Tyson and his tiger.

4.  A Man’s Touch

No not like that.  I’m talking about adding your own touch to your wedding.  For example, the groom’s cake! The theme is totally up to you, but most guys usually choose one of their favorite hobbies or sports. (Personally, I’d have a tres leches cake shaped like a guitar, but that’s just my opinion.) Just remember, this cake should be smaller than the main cake. The last thing you’d want is to try and outshine the bride on her day. Don’t do it Mothra!

5.  Merci. Gracias. Thank you!

If there’s one thing you should definitely remember, it’s to be thankful for everyone that’s supported you throughout the whole wedding process.  For your groomsmen, it’s pretty standard for the groom to get gifts for them.  This really depends on what you think they’d enjoy.  An engraved beer glass? Nice cuff links? Tickets to a game? It’s your call, just do it from the heart and you can’t go wrong.  As for everyone else, you’ll have your time to say thanks during the toast.  Make sure to thank all the sponsors, the wedding party, and both sets of parents. Your toast should be short and sweet, closing with loving words to your bride. Do this, and you’ll be grand.